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Drip Coffee Makers
Saeco Venus 8-Cup Drip Brewing Machine Model

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Whenever you like it, coffee will always be ready to serve 24/7


I bought this coffeemaker for my parents this last Christmas. Having seen it at the Starbucks store, and knowing their quality, I decided to give it a go. I am so glad I went with it, because it is truly worth EVERY penny. We like the fact that when you make a pot of coffee, and you leave it there, it stays HOT. You never have to worry about it getting cold or having to reheat it. My dad was amazed when he first discovered that. It has a timer, so we can leave a batch of coffee beans in it, leave the house for a bit, and come back to a fresh pot to drink. It's a very clean machine too, not at all messy. The pot isn't made of glass like traditional machines, and is an exact fit. It is still very heavy though. I would recommend this to people who want something very simple, but very powerful. It's very small too, so can sit against your kitchen wall and take as much space as maybe a toaster on its side.

The Colony, TX


Saeco Venus 8-Cup Drip Brewing Machine Model

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