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ST4 -TK1
SIRIUS Starmate (ST4-TK1) Satellite Radio Receiver


Encased in a stylish Silver and Black enclosure, the ST4 Starmate 4 Plug and Play Sirius Satellite Tuner from SIRIUS is perfect for listening to satellite radio in your home or vehicle. Including a built in FM transmitter and a remote control, the Starmate gives you ease of use as well as access to over 120 channels on the SIRIUS satellite network including 65 channels of commercial-free music.

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Great Sirius receiver with a long life


This Sirius receiver is great! That is just how Im going to start this review because it is true. I have been a subscriber to Sirius now for bout 5 years and have had this receiver for a long time. It is strong, durable, and very easy on the eyes. The screens blue back light allows you to easily read it at night but doesnt distract the driver at all. During the day it has no back light but is still easily readable even in high sunlight. It has many functions that allow it to be a great Sirius receiver. It allows you to change the size of the display text so you can either read large letters if it is further away or small text so you can read more at a time. It allows you to store artists and songs so that when they come on any station it will alert you so you can listen to it. It allows 10 present stations for 3 separate bands for a total of 30 preset stations. It allows you to receive the sattelite feed through any FM station (FM station with no signal meaning all fuzz is best). As said already I have had my receiver for years now and have put it through alot but it still works just as well as the day I got it. Includes a remote which is great as well.

Champaign, IL




I LOVE satellite radio. I NEVER listen to regular FM/AM stationsn anymore! The only station that plays commercials is Disney Radio. Plenty of stations to keep EVERY generation happy! Inexpensive if you virtually live in your car like me - especially the live traffic! This particular model allows you to save specific artists AND songs (once they come on a station) and each time they're on ANY station it will alert you to tune it! LOVE THAT FEATURE!!!!! Even has a remote - that I rarely use.

Westminster, MD


SIRIUS Starmate (ST4-TK1) Satellite Radio Receiver

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