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SEPHORA COLLECTION Favorites LashStash Mascara Sampler

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Good way to find a new favorite mascara


While this kit isn't cheap, it is a good value because it comes with so many mascaras. They are sample size but they aren't tiny and they all have the normal brushes so you can see what the full size would be like. Obviously the effectiveness varies from mascara to mascara so I can't say "how effective" this set is. It's a really good way to try mascaras if you want to find a new one but are torn between several.



Best way to try all the best mascaras!


I asked for and received this for a Christmas present, and I was so excited to try all these different mascaras. I would have never wanted to spend the money on this many different brands of mascara, and this was a great way to try a wide variety to discover my favorites. I used one per day, and sure enough some of them emerged as better for my particular needs. Turns out the Benefit brand called "Bad Gal" works best for lengthening my lashes. How nice that I didn't have to spend tons of money or lots of time working my way through all these mascaras. Who has the time or money? There were some that I would have been disappointed in, had I purchased them separately, because they didn't really do it for me. I have short lashes and I primarily look for a lengthener. I gave the Laura Mercier brand mascara to my niece; she loves it, but she also has really different lashes than I do. Win-win! I love these sets that Sephora puts together that lets the customer affordably sample a wide variety of one product.

Portland, OR


SEPHORA COLLECTION Favorites LashStash Mascara Sampler

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