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SEPHORA COLLECTION Atomic Volume Mascara

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love and be loved


It is hard for me to debate on if I loved this product or if I did not like it so much. I think the price is great but a little too much for what it does. I have used the Too FacedLash Injection, Benefit Bad Gal, and Urban Dcay Big Fatty Mascara and this one does not seem to own up to them. I was a little disapointed because of this but then decided that it is great if you do not want huge fake looking lashes. It coats the eyelash just right fo a more natural look which is the benifit of this mascara. the first tim i used it i clumped som but then I tred it again ad i was fine. i am very pleased with it when I want the natural look but i hate havng too many mascaras. I would have loved this oe if it did what the others did because of the price it was. I would buy it again but only wen I run out of the other ones that I use. If you like the natural look than this is perfect for you other wise I would stck to wha i know and love.

Austin, TX


SEPHORA COLLECTION Atomic Volume Mascara

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