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SEACRET Nail Care Collection

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Nice buffing


I got this set from a kiosk in the mall for myself and my mother when they demonstrated it on me. The kit came with a buffing cube, a sea scented body lotion, and a cuticle oil. There is supposedly something about the buffer that brings the natural oil of your nails to the surface and distributes it. There is also supposedly some silk or silk proteins released by the buffer. I do not know if that is true or not, but the buffer makes my nails incredibly smooth and diamond -shiny. The cuticle oil is a great moisturizer and keeps my nails looking healthy, and the lotion is a delicate, foamy smell. Supposedly, these products are made from dead sea extracts. I do not know their secret, but I am very happy with this product and am very glad I bought the kit containing all items. I do not, however, recall how much it cost when I bought it a few years ago.  I really love the gloss.  Word to the wise, I have found that it seems to think the nails out... is that healthy?

Elgin, IL


Seacret Nail Collection has amazing results!


I had never heard of this product before until I was walking by the kiosk after my shopping was done. The sales woman asked if my nails were natural (I had nail polish covering them). She asked to show me something, so I gave her permission to strip the polish off my one of my nails. She then used the buffer block on my nail and I was impressed by how easy and quick it worked. When she did that final step with the polishing side I was amazed! It was hard to believe that my nails could be so shiny without using any nail polish! I don't have time to do my nails unless my daughter and I are playing dress-up together. I almost laughed when she asked me to think of how much money I would 'normally' spend getting a manicure.  I never treat myself anymore, but the thought of doing one at home with such an easy product made it an easy sale.  If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes there would be no way I'd spend so much money, and I don't normally fall for pushy sales tactics.  This lady was polite though, and certainly knew how to market her products. We finished it off with the cuticle oil and the hand cream. I purchased a set after finding out this product was geared to last 2 years, and then got an extra for my friend for a Hanukkah gift. They threw in the third one for free, which I will give to my sister for Christmas. The last thing I would add is how nice the lotion is.  I have sensitive skin, and this lotion goes on easy with no reactions.  I also like how the sea salts in it give it a natural antibacterial property.  I love this product!

Dayton, OH


Seacret Nail Kit - worth a try


LOL....I experience the same thing I am reading on all kinds of reviews.....pushy saleswomen at a mall in a kiosk.  She stopped me as I was bustling from 1 store to another and caught me by surprise with a sample.  I stopped to try it and before I knew it, she had my finger in her hands buffing my nail.  Well, I was was pleasantly surprised.  My nail was so smooth and shiny.  I couldn't believe it.  After much pushing on the sales pitch, I finally bought a package (actually 2....the 2nd one was 1/2 price).  I like the buffer and cuticle gel, but the rest of the package I really don't need.....nor did I need that pushy saleslady.  I think I bought 2 packages just to get her off my back!!  Anyways, I love the buffer!  It's a pricey product but worth trying at least once!

New York, NY


Great products, but such pushy sales staff!!


These products are being sold at a kiosk in my local mall and they really do work.  You get a buffer block that actually has a warranty, a nice but cheap nail file and, a large tube of lotion, and cuticle oil.  It's kind of expensive, but the products are really nice.  I have a feeling you could buy them all cheaper somewhere else.   These sales people are good.  I almost never get caught by one, but this one got me! 

Channahon, IL


SEACRET to getting away at the mall


So if you are in the mall minding your business  and you are approached by someone in the mall wanting you to try a lotion sample from the kiosk, run. I am there with my husband and kids when this guys does that to me. Yeah okay nice now I have to catch up with my family. No the guy starts talking price and gift value and it just keeps dropping and dropping the same time my family is getting further and further (my husband is laughing the whole way). Finally I agree to buy one and then he is trying to talk me into buying two, now come on now. I was not rude, I listened to your spill about the benefits of your product, I brought your product, I understand trying to make a living, but now let me go about my way, maybe I will come back in the future.The product is alright. I don't use it everyday but it is convenient to keep the small bottle of lotion on hand as repellent for them when I go to the mall and show I have bought already.

Augusta, GA


SEACRET Nail Care Collection

4.2 5