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SCOTTeVEST is the creator of a unique line of outerwear that harmoniously
blends style, comfort and utility, with a variety of pocket configurations
that let you Bring It, whatever it is, wherever you go. Over the past 15
years, SCOTTeVEST has designed dozens of garments with one goal in mind:
giving wearers the freedom to ditch the bag and carry the gadgets and tools
they use every day, right in their pockets, leaving both hands free to
fully experience life’s adventures. The key word being pockets, since
SCOTTeVEST makes clothing with as many as 42 of them, all with a
one-of-a-kind guarantee against pickpocketing. Whatever your trade, your
hobby or your passion, a SCOTTeVEST keeps whatever you need to pursue it
close at hand and easily accessible. With a SCOTTeVEST you can forever
replace the “gadget dance” panic of misplacing your gear with the peace of
mind of always knowing everything is securely in place where it belongs.

Read 2,295 Reviews