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Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes

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Makes potty time clean and fresh - not bad for adults either!


We have two children potty training, and sure there are plenty of wipes out there on the market, our family is also trying to go greener. Using wipes during potty training like Huggies or Pampers isn't good for the environment so I thought I would explore **SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipes** so that my children can get clean in the bathroom and I can do a little bit better for the environment.  **SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipes** come in a 51 count tub, 51 count refill and 102 count refill kit. Prices vary, and they are more expensive than regular baby wipes. The best thing about these wipes is that they break down when flushed. According to SCOTT they, "Breaks up like dry bath tissue after flushing. These new wipes contain natural Aloe Vera to leave you feeling fresh and clean, are free and clear of dye, contain no alcohol, and are made with 100% post-consumer fibers derived from sustainable resources. Available in 51-count tubs that hold 20% more wipes than the leading brand." They are thinner than [Huggies][1] or [Pampers][2] wipes, but comparable to store brand baby wipes. Don't' get the wrong impression here, **SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipes **are not just for potty training kids but for adults who want to feel fresh and clean too. The squares are a little small but in most cases one does all that you need for it to do after a "potty" as my girls say. And by using these wipes that are soft, smooth, don't hurt and are like other wipes they are used to they are more likely to take care of cleaning up after themselves instead of calling to mommy to ... well you know! **SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipe**s are good for the environment and good for this household. I can see where because of the price you couldn't use them for every "occasion" but they are nice to have around to help you feel clean and fresh throughout the day. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Huggies-Supreme-Wipes-reviews [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Pampers-Baby-Wipes-Aloe-Unscented-Tub-77-Each-reviews

Houston, TX


Greatest Toilet Paper


These really are great to have around for your young kids. If they're anything like mine they take a bunch of toilet paper and wipe a little bit and throw it in the toilet, so these are perfect, the moisture makes cleaning up a lot faster, easier, and cleaner, as well as cutting down our toilet paper fund. They aren't that expensive when you consider your child uses one or two per bathroom trip compared to how many feet are used of regular toilet paper. Eventually we'll have to teach them you really don't need to use a quarter of a roll of toilet paper per visit to the bathroom, but in the meantime while we're potty training, we're just glad that they're using the toilet! And I think it is an easier transition from using baby wipes, than going straight to toilet paper.

Provo, UT


Feel Cleaner with Scott Naturals Wipes


I decided to use Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes because I thought it was rather interesting for a company to come out with "wet wipes for adults." As a parent, I use a different brand of "wet wipes" on my son and I must admit, they are very thorough, so I decided to give "wet wipes," in this case, Scott Naturals a try for myself, and, I must say that they are better than simply using toilet tissue by itself. What is also nice about Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes is that they have a light fragrance, not too over-powering and, as the company claims, they are made from sustainable resources. They are easy to dispense, one wipe at a time and they are rather sturdy, which means they don't rip in your hand rather easily. Plus, once you are finished, you can go out and purchase a refill packet or use the "old" container for something around the house. I give them to my husband, who puts his nails and screws in them. It helps him to keep his work shed organized. I would recommend Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes.

Dunnellon, FL


Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes help with potty training!


My three year old son finally graduated from his [Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty][1] to the "big boy" toilet about a month ago. To aid in his newly found independence, I bought these wipes to help him get used to wiping his own behind. He hasn't quite mastered the reach around, but he does a better job with these than with toilet paper alone. The package of **Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes **says that "100% of fibers derived from sustainable resources". That doesn't tell us what they're made of, but they sound more eco-friendly than other brands. These wipes are safe for sewer and septic because they "break up like toilet paper after flushing". Since my son can't get the wipes out by himself yet, I have to get them out and help him wipe. I like that these wipes smell good. The scent might be too strong for some, but I happen to like the scent. My problem with these flushable wipes is that they are too thin. I'm not sure if it's because I'm used to using traditional baby wipes on my son that are nice and thick (which are not flushable), or if it's because these really are too thin. The size of the wipe seems a little small, but that might also be because of the baby wipes I'm used to used to using when my son wore diapers. These aren't the best flushable wipes out there, but they *are *made of sustainable resources and smell good. They're worth a shot, but I will probably try a different brand next time I'm at the store. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Fisher-Price-Precious-Planet-Froggy-Friend-Potty-review-0c683

Camp Lejeune, NC




Okay, I got a free sample of these in the mail and in theory they sound awesome. They're recycled, break up in the toilet after flushing, and help you feel extra clean in a way that dry toilet paper can't, or something. But I just don't know. First of all, that cold, wet sensation is just kind of gross, and I don't like that they're in this one-size kind of deal because to me, the appeal of rolled toilet paper is that you can break it off whenever you need it depending on you know, the size and scope of the job at hand, so to speak. Plus, this stuff is naturally more expensive than toilet paper, and the whole having to fish it out of a case or a pouch seems like a recipe for grossness just in terms of I would not want to be the second person to have to use these after someone else started on the case/pouch for obvious reasons. Maybe if they had a way of dispensing it that seemed more sanitary I might be persuaded to get used to the cold and wet for the sake of the environment, but for right now, the germophobe in me wins out.

Los Angeles, CA


SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipes are great for potty training!


My toddler is toilet training and SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipes are what I use on his delicate skin! These make potty training easier because they are pre-moistened so all I need to do is open the pop-up bin, pull one out of the pop-up bin, wipe my child after my child has used the potty, drop the SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipes into the toilet, and flush (they are flushable, after all). I'm assuming that since they are flushable, they will break up and dissolve somewhere on their journey through the water pipes but I'm honestly not sure and I wouldn't recommend flushing a lot at a time because that just seems wrong. These are very good to pack when traveling but may not be the best for sensitive skin as they do have some ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin. I am glad I bought some of SCOTT Naturals Flushable Wipes and recommend giving them a try because they do their job very well.

San Antonio, TX


Scott Natuals flushable wipes-open in case of emergency.


Good morning!  Recently I received a free sample of Scott Naturals in the mail.  I don't have any babies or children that reside in my home at this time.  Even though there are no children-adults need them too!  I kept them on hand for just the perfect time.  You know when toilet paper is just not enough to give you a clean feeling.  After all you don't what to fill up the toilet trying to get everything!  They have a wonderful scent and made me clean like a baby's bottom!  They break up in the toilet so the are good for the sewer system.  They are a nice size so the get all the mess!  Since I haven't bought an actual container full-I don't know how they are packaged.  They would be great to take on a picnic!  The other wipes are so small!  I would also like keep them in my pocketbook to make sure I didn't have an embarrassing moment!  You just never know what might happen!  You might need ot put them in a ziplock bag when you are going downtown.  I just don't know.

Atlanta, GA


Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes

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