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Fun and Motivating While It Lasted


The company has gone out of business but I really liked my S2H Replay while I had it. The band was very slim and easy to wear. It basically looked like a rather cheap watch. The tracker would monitor your activity - all activity, which was nice, not just steps - automatically all day. It had a little smile when you were doing exercise and frowned at you when you were not. As you went about your exercise it counted the minutes and filled up the quadrants on the tracker until you got to 60 minutes then it would switch to a little code that you would enter on their website and you would get points which were redeemable for prizes. I didn't like that once you reached the threshold you had to copy out the code before you could reset the device. There was no way to just move on and have the code read out later. So if you were working out outside you either had to reset and forfeit the code or you had to just wait to reset until you were able to write down the code somewhere. I also found that some days I would accumulate two or three codes depending on my activities and you could only enter one per day so I kept a little notebook full of codes and just entered one a day on the site. The codes were also rather difficult to read which made entering them a bit of a pain sometimes. The battery failed quite quickly in this (about six months) and was unable to be replaced. At this point the company was no longer offering rewards and the fun had gone out of the device so I did not purchase a replacement. overall, this was a fun, motivating device while it lasted.

Vernon Rockville, CT


S2H Replay Watch


I have owned the S2H Replay watch for almost a full month now. It is a good watch and I have used it every day - for earning "codes" and telling time. Here are some of the features this watch has to offer: As you would expect, it tells time. The screen is easy to read, as well. There is also a setting that shows the current month and day. The watch itself is a small and rectangular piece, fitted inside a silicone band. It can easily be taken out of the band, which makes it easier to put on, if it is a tight fit. If you go the the S2H website they have detailed information on the exact sizes available (small, medium and large). The band is comfortable and when purchasing the watch it automatically comes in a (unisex) blue. There are seven colors in all to chose from, but you cannot chose which one comes with the watch (you must buy them seperately). The watch itself monitors movement and your goal is to fill each bar until you have done an hour worth of "movement." To fill each bar, you most be active for a continuious 3 minutes, which is not as bad as it sounds. After you have finished one hour, the watch displayes a reward code (60 points) which you can then enter on the s2h website. you may enter only one code per day. You can used the points to "buy" rewards. It is a great concept - for children, teens and adults - and I know I will continue to use mine often. I should note, however, that the watch itself is not water-proof and will probably break if wet.

Bennington, VT



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