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Ryan's Original Irish Style Cream Liquer

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Ryan's - 5 stars


In search of a less expensive substitute for $18 per 750ml Bailey's, I've sampled Carolyn's (usually $11-$12 here in SW Ohio) and Ryan's (usually $9, sometimes $8) and Ryan's is the clear winner. Smooth as silk and very close, or even better than Baliey's in flavor, it's my favorite new Holiday indulgence (and it doesn't hurt that it's a bargain). I hear Emmett's is good but as it's almost as much as Bailey's, I've never tried it.

Yellow Springs, Ohio


Ryans is good but strong.


If you are keeping track of my reviews for the day, this is number 3 in the comparison line of Irish Liquors.  This particular Irish Cream is as thick as Baileys and thicker than Saint Brendans but the flavor has a stronger, more overpowering edge to it that keeps me from giving it a 5-star rating.  Some people may find that a PLUS but for me, in my coffee, I want a smoother, more relaxing flavor that isn't competing with my choice of coffee.  That was what I felt was happening when I bought this Irish Cream.  It was just a tad too strong for my palette.  As for as texture and creaminess, though, it is wonderful.  It pours with the appearance of thick cream and stirs in my coffee as if I added cream.  I do like that in this product.  SB's was a bit thin although the flavor was great but Ryans has an exceptional texture.  If you like a stronger Irish Cream, you may want to give this one a try over Baileys and Saint Brendans.  It's good.   Sandy

Whitewright, TX


Ryan's Original Irish Style Cream Liquer

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