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Rubigo Eyeshadow Duo Dreamy Suede and Navajo Brown

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Rubigo Eyeshadow Duo; pretty earth tones, no creases or flakes.


I purchased a **Rubigo Eyeshadow Duo in Dreamy Suede and Navajo Brown **from Cosmetique.com and have been very satisfied with this eyeshadow duo. I have warm skin tones and most of the time I prefer earth tones when it comes to my makeup. I mix it up and go all purple and glittery when I'm feeling a little froggy but most of the time you will find me wearing blends of brown, beige, grey, or sand. I have blue eyes and the earth tones bring out my eyes and look good with my skin tone. When I saw the Dreamy Suede and Navajo Brown eyeshadow duo by Rubigo at cosmetique.com, I knew the colors would suit me very well and they have. I use the duo often. The two shades blend extremely well togehter. I do have to use more of the Dreamy Suede than the Navajo Brown because the Navajo Brown is a little more dark when it's applied to my eyelids than it looks in the compact. I use the Dreamy Suede to blend it and create a lovely look that's a little shimmery without being too shiny or glittery. It really brings out the bright blue of my eyes and that is exactly what I want from it. Rubigo Eyeshadow is one of the most soft and silky feeling pressed shadows that I have used. It glides on smoothly and easily, but the shadow that doesn't go on my lids stays on the applicator that's included in the compact. It doesn't flake off onto my ckeeks or the floor and cause a huge mess. I doesn't flake or fade, either. I put it on and it stays there until I remove it. To sum it all up, this eyeshadow duo is very flattering for medium to dark skin tones. It's soft and smooth, it glides on easily, it's buildable, and it doesn't crease, flake, or fade. It can be worn night or day, because you can apply a light coat or build it to really make your eyes dazzle for a night on the town. It's a little shiny but it doesn't sparkle with glitter. It stays where it's put until it's removed. If that's what you're looking for in an eyeshadow, I think you would be very happy with Rubigo Eyeshadow Duo Dreamy Suede and Navajo Brown. They also have a Shimmering Silver and Golden Nugget Duo that looks very pretty and it's on my wish list. I like this product very much, I use it often, and I recommend it.

Tiny Town, GA


Rubigo Eyeshadow Duo Dreamy Suede and Navajo Brown

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