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Robot Coupe Turbo VV MP 450

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Works great, but overpriced


Yes, some appliances are worth spending a lot of money on, but I honestly feel like this one is WAY overpriced. It's just a hand mixer - maybe it's a great hand mixer, but the fact of the matter is that I had comparable results from a mixer that cost all of one-fifth of how much this one cost. I simply don't see the point in spending nearly the cost of rent on an appliance that only does the basics! Mixing Performance This works great and does a wonderful job of pureeing everything I needed it to puree. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean, and most of the time it really just needs a good rinsing more than a scrub, which is nice. Ease of Use This hand mixer is very easy to use! Design I liked the way this was set up so that I could hold it very easily, and I appreciated the height of this mixer so that I could avoid getting anything splattered onto me during the mixing process. Durability From what I can tell, this is a pretty tough, restaurant-grade hand mixer.



Workhorse in the kitchen


Robot Coupe - where have you been all my life? For serious, this thing is amazing. I first was introduced to one of these in a cooking class I took. The professional chefs were all using them to make sauces, vinaigrette, emulsions, and the like. These were very easy to use so I bought one for my own kitchen. I was most surprised by how durable these are, which I shouldn't have been considering that professional kitchens use them. I have been using my robot coupe for over a year now with absolutely no performance or quality issues. I use this mostly to make soups, blending vegetables in to a stock base for a light airy cream style soup. I have also found that the robot coupe works very well in an emergency situation to remove lumps from a sauce. This also works wonderfully well at making frothed milk for espresso based drinks. The absolutely best part of the robot coup? It's so so easy to clean! The base is easy to wash in the skin and you can wipe down the handle easily enough. Just don't make the mistake of washing the wand in the dishwasher!



Robot Coupe Turbo VV MP 450

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