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Rival SCV400W-IUK 3.7-Quart Slow Cooker

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Chili, Soups, Stews and More. It does it all!


My wife bought this pot for me as a birthday present. I originally was looking for a five quart crock pot, but I now realize that the five quart would have been overkill. As usual my wife knows best. Time to Heat Heats up fairly quick and keeps the temperature very steady. Cooking Performance It cooks everything. I bought the Adirondack Cookbook which has great soup and crock pot recipes in it. This pot has never let me down. Everything I make in it tastes great. The pot does all the work. Ease of Cleaning The lid and crock are dishwasher safe but they can be washed by hand. Ease of Use Set it up. add your ingredients, cover, and turn it to the desired temperature and walk away until you are ready to eat. Design Standard crock pot design. No frills just a great crock pot. Durability I have had no problems with this crock pot. It has very few parts to break. So far all is good and it has been a couple of years since I received it as a gift from my wife. I highly recommend this crock.



Dependable and Affordable!


I was shocked when I received this Rival crockpot as a gift from my mom. The first time I used it (and now 4 years later) I expected it to be subpar. I was blown away! The food comes out wonderful, the pot is easy to use, and super easy to clean! I am disappointed that the knob for the heat setting fell off. This is easy to fix with a little glue. All around, I say this is a great purchase. Time to Heat The Rival slow cooker took very little time to heat up. Cooking Performance I was pleasantly surprised when every meal came out perfect. Ease of Cleaning I have found that this is incredibly easy to clean by hand, or by machine. Simply pull out the actual pot and wash. Ease of Use This crock pot is fool proof! No confusing buttons or temp gauges. Design There are only 3 pieces which I love! No spare parts to lose track of. The sleek, small design makes it easy to store. Durability I live in a very small home with limited space, so my Rival crockpot has taken a little abuse from being moved around. But I believe it may be indestructible, because it doesn't even have a scratch! The only issue is the knob that fell off after a year, but this is easily fixed with a dab of super glue.



Rival SCV400W-IUK 3.7-Quart Slow Cooker

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