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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lipgloss - All Shades

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You Kiss but you don't Stay around long enough! Two hours max!


***Quick View: ***I like long wearing lip products because I hate having to constantly reapply lip gloss or lipstick when I am out. I don't expect long wearing lip products to really last eight or 10 hours but, if I get an hour or two of nice color with no weird fading, I'm happy. **Rimmel London Kiss & Stay Lipgloss** lasts for a couple of hours IF I don't eat or drink anything. Otherwise, it's gone. I like it but it is by no means a very long wearing lip product. ***About Rimmel London Kiss & Stay Lipgloss*** This lipgloss comes in 12 shades with the base shade at one end and a slightly tinted, slightly shimmery gloss on the other. You can buy clear gloss as well and I got a little tube of clear gloss with my purchase although I would have to unscrew the tinted gloss and screw in the clear and, blah. Too much trouble. The color is somewhat dry and quite pigmented. The applicator is a sponge tipped one and the color dries very quickly. It doesn't wrinkle my lips at all. The gloss is very thick (which I like because it lasts longer) and has a slight shimmer effect. That has a brush end. I wait a minute after applying the color to let it set then apply the gloss. I do see some color on the brush meaning the gloss is picking up some of it as it slicks my lips. Maybe I should wait longer before I apply the gloss. The final result is flattering. My lips look moist, full, and flattering. If I don't eat or drink anything, the color and gloss stay on for around two hours. That's great for the gloss, pretty meh for the color. If I do eat or drink, the color transfers a little and fades. It's gone completely when I wipe my mouth. The good thing about** Rimmel London Kiss & Stay Lipgloss** is that it doesn't fade weird or give me patchy lips. It simply starts to lighten and then is gone. The gloss is better than most that come with long wearing lip products and I have worn it alone and over lipstick for the shine. In all, **Rimmel London Kiss & Stay Lipgloss** doesn't stay on anywhere NEAR the eight hours it claims to but it wears longer than normal lip gloss. It's flattering and doesn't dry my lips out. It's not too expensive so I use it as a regular lip gloss duo and don't expect much more than an hour or two of color. ***My Viewpoint*** If you're looking for a lip color that REALLY stays on your lips foir hours, I suggest Lip-Ink. If you're looking for a lip color that stays on longer than your typical lipstick or lipgloss,** Rimmel London Kiss & Stay Lipgloss** is a decent one to try. It's not too pricey and the colors are pretty. I like how the gloss stays on for a long time so I don't have to reapply that every five minutes. It's an OK lip duo and much better than [CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain][1] ! ***3 stars.*** [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Cover-Girl-Outlast-Lipstain-reviews

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lipgloss - All Shades

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