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Ridgid Cordless Drill

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Small but powerfull Ridgid 12v Lithium-ion Drill Reversible.


Wow! i say everytime i use my Ridgid 12v lithium-ion drill, this small drill is light weight with 3/8 in. keyless chuck, variable speed switch,18 position clutch, a great no load speed 0-575 rpm and 120 in.lb. Torque.  I own some 18v drills that are great and powerfull but size wise are big and a bit heavy.  But with this Ridgid 12v drill even though is small and weight a lot less than an 18v drill, its very handy and powerfull enogh to complete many task. I have used my 12v drill basically for building shelves, putting cabinets together, replacing door knobs, railings etc...  This 12v drill is also great to work with on very tight places and another great feature is that has a build in led worklight for more visibility in dark places.  But what makes this even better is that its powered by a Lithium-ion battery and only takes about 30 min to charge. The best thing is that when i bought my drill, I got two for the price of one! even without this offer this is a great deal and best of all a great buy. Overall this Ridgid 12v drill is lightweight, lithium-ion, powerful and very handy around the house and work place. 

Whitehall, PA


Compact, Powerful, Light-Weight Drill


The cordless Ridgid R82007 3/8 inch 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Drill is compact, powerful and light-weight. This drill is small enough to get into tight spaces and light enough to use for a long duration before your arm gets tired. The B&D drill that I owned previously was a lot larger and heavier. The drill kit that I purchased had two drills and two rechargeable batteries so that I could use one to drill holes and the other as a screwdriver without needing to change bits. The batteries are quick charge too. A fully discharged battery pack charges in about half an hour with the included charger. With previously owned drills, I have on occasion lost keys. However, the "keyless chuck" feature of the Ridgid drill prevents this because there is no key to lose. The LED worklight that is located at the front of the drill comes on when the switch is pressed is bright and provides additional light to the area that is being drilled. This drill is also powerful enough to drive large screws into hard wood.

Watertown, NY


The Ridgid R82007 is amazingly durable, strong, and compact


The Ridgid R82007 12v Lithium Drill/Driver is an amazing piece of work!  it is compact, strong, and has a few features that plain shut out the competition.  First of all, when compared to the small, strong drills that are put out by Bosch and Milwaukee, the Ridgid's versatility is that it has a 3/8" chuck instead of a 1/4" collet.  that means you can have almost any common bit in this drill.  Also, the main selling point is the lifetime warranty!  You cannot beat that!  It even covers the batteries and the charger!

Jefferson, GA


Ridgid Cordless Drill

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