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Revlon ThermalAire Hot Air Styler And Dryer

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Not very effective


Since I have thick hair, it was very unefficent to use during the day. It took 45-50 minutes to simply straighten my hair. I have medium-thick hair, about chin length...Also its wavy-to straight. Very dissapointed that it took too long to straighten and I ran out of time before I could curl it. All in all, not very useful for thick or ethnic hair, but okay if you have fine or short hair.



This Revlon Hairdryer is pretty well made, but heavy and bulky.


  So my first impression of this hairdryer was that it was a nice, neural color,something i dont have much of, they only come in one color which is navyish blue and lightish blue. It is pretty easy to use with a medium long cord. However, sometimes it can be annoying because of how bulky and big it is. But overall its a pretty normal quality hairdryer. Also it took awhile to dry my hair and my hair is SHORT. Its about shoulder length and very layered, it would seem like it would be easy and fast to dry. However, now what I do is just put my hair in a towel wrap and wait about 15 mins while doing my makeup. Then I blowdry it the rest until it is fully dry. This Revlon hairdryer comes with a diffuser but i really dont use it that much. Revlon is a company i keep coming back to because they always have great prices and quality. Especially with makeup and remover. I also use Revlon because they are a CRUELTY FREE company, i ony use cruelty free companies because I am a vegan. So ya. You should go pick this up and ENJOY. =] Twitter: Vegangirl223

King George, VA


Did not last!


I was very dissapointed in this hair dryer.  I have very long hair which I like to curl on the ends from time to time.  Our old dryer had broken so I went shopping again.  I was so excited to find this as it was a fairly good price on sale and was similar to what I had before.  However from the very start it was a huge dissapointment.  It really got VERY hot.  Hot to the point I would burn myself if I accidently touched the edge of it.  I often thought it was damaging to my hair with heats like that.  Also right from the first day it would kick off my power plug in my outlet.  I was always having to reset it  over and over again which was very annoying.  I suspect that I may have just had a bad model and probably should have tried to return it to the store.  But it was all I had at the time and didn't really want to not have a way to dry my hair.  Unfortunatly one day it just blew out and literally burned something inside and smoked.  Very dissapointing!

Upstate, NY


If you're looking for fast and reliable, bypass the ThermalAire!


***The Case*** Six years ago, I found the perfect hairdryer: the Conair Hot Air Brush/Dryer.  Eight months ago, it finally gave out on me.  In dire need of a replacement, and because I couldn't find another Conair quickly enough, I went out and purchased a Revlon ThermalAire Hot Air Styler And Dryer.  It's a different brand, but the ThermalAire appeared to be of a similar - if not identical - dryer design to my old Conair, so I figured it would work just as well.  I figured wrong. ***The Good*** The whole point of the ThermalAire design is that you can dry and style your hair in one step instead of two.  The dryer is shaped liked a curling iron.  The "hot" end doubles as a dryer and a brush, and there are two interchangeable barrels with differing widths.  The length of each barrel is scattered with air holes (for drying) and bristles (for styling).  With the ThermalAire, it's much easier to dry and style my various layers than it is with a regular dryer and a brush or comb.  Unfortunately, the good stops there. ***The Bad*** I can't begin to tell you how frustrating the overall design of this hairdryer is, especially when I compare it to the one I had before.  The interchangeable barrels are very easy to swap out on the dryer - they secure by hinging into the handle, and then to remove them, you just push the big, oval button.  All well and dandy, except that the big, oval button is right where your index finger naturally rests on the handle of the dryer!  When I'm using the thing, nearly every turn of my wrist makes my finger press down on the button, causing the release of the barrel.  Since I'm usually in mid-motion at this point, the end result is almost always me holding the handle of the dryer while the detached barrel swings wildly from my hair!  Also, even though the whole point of the hairdryer is to combine drying and styling into one step - thereby saving time - I've found that the drying power of the ThermalAire is decidedly lacking.  I have a pretty thick head of hair, and a weak dryer can add nearly fifteen minutes to my overall drying time.  What with the less-than-average drying record and the seriously flawed design, I'm pretty sure that the ThermalAire may go down as the worst hairdryer I've ever purchased! ***The Verdict*** One star!  No matter what type of hairdryer you're looking for, I'd recommend passing right on by Revlon's ThermalAire Hot Air Styler And Dryer to continue the search elsewhere!

Austin, TX


Revlon ThermalAire Hot Air Styler And Dryer

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