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Revlon Creme Gloss - All Shades

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Revlon creme gloss thick and clumpy


I found this creme gloss on sale and was eager to try it but was quickly disappointed. First, it takes forever for the gloss to come out - with the first use, I had to twist the base for at least 2 minutes before gloss came out the brush. Even with repeat uses, you still have to twist 5 or 6 times to get gloss to come out, then inevitably, too much comes out. The gloss initially goes on smooth but becomes sticky pretty quickly and feels thick and clumpy on your lips. I kept feeling like I needed to put something over it to smooth it out. Over time the brush gets sticky because the gloss sits on it in between uses. The colors are actually great - lots of muted, soft colors, but I think you can find those colors in other forms that apply easier.

Philadelphia, PA


Decent lip gloss


This lip gloss is more expensive than most lip glosses I've seen. I got a good sale on it so I figured I would try it since I love to wear lip gloss. Right away I noticed the color, I tried for a red and it was very bold. I thought they did a great job with pigmentation, the color was bold yet not overwhelming giving the bright red and the shine that is typical with lip gloss. The applicator wasn't my favorite to use, it has a brush at the end, which is the nice part, but you have to twist the bottom of the applicator to get the gloss out. Since the brush is at the top it's very easy to over twist because you can't always see through the thick brush to tell how much lip gloss is oozing out. There were many times when I got too much lip gloss and ended up making quite a mess when it came to applying the lip gloss. I did like that if I used a little amount it gave me a nice shimmer and some color but the thicker I applied the more bold, so it would be great to keep for day and night use. It's sticky like any other lip gloss, but I think it's about average as far as use.

Panama City, FL


Great Creme Lip Gloss but not worth the price


I usually only wear lip gloss so this was a good product to try since its not like your traditonal lip gloss. What I liked about this lip gloss is the comes in neutral colors because that's what I like when I'm wearing lip gloss. I tried the Pink Cami which actually went well with my skintone. This creme gloss last for a fair amount of time, so you won't have to apply so often. This price of this lip gloss is really high so I say purchase it during a sale. I purchased this during a sale and I don't think I would purchase any other time due to the price.I'm not a fan of the brush like applicator because you really can't clean this kind of applicator. Also, when the creme gloss does start to come out too much is on the applicator. Overall, its a all right creme (lip) gloss that's great for those who are on the go and don't want to wear lipstick. So, if you don't mind the price give Relvon Creme Gloss a try.

Markham, IL


Great color, but stickiness can get annoying


I bought Revlon's Creme Gloss when I was in search of a bright fuchsia opaque gloss without shimmer. I love a good cream lip color and this gloss provided me with just that. The click-pen applicator is something that you'll need to get used to if you haven't used it before. I made the mistake of clicking it just a few too many times at first and ended up with product spilling out of the brush... not nice. For the clean-freaks, this may be a little unhygienic if you like to wash your brushes. Revlon's Creme Gloss is a product with a fair amount of shine if you're looking for something a little more natural, but can also be built up for "megawatt" shine. The color selection is expansive and it shouldn't be hard to find a color that you like, but I do have a few qualms with the product. I enjoy being able to gauge how much product I have left in a tube so I know when to repurchase, but it's all a mystery with this packaging. I also prefer lipglosses to be slick and for my hair not to stick to my lips. Creme Gloss didn't do that for me, but it wasn't a huge problem either. If color is what you're looking for, this'll do the job. 

Richardson, TX


Perfect long-lasting gloss!


I have a rough time finding a gloss in a more subdued neutral pink for my skin tone, but then I found Revlon Creme Gloss in Play Up Pink.  I love everything about this product!  The color is smooth and bold without being over-bearing.  Application is easy and almost foolproof using the built in brush and twist-bottom system to apply just the right amount of gloss in just the right line on your lips.  The gloss feels smooth and light and doesn't come off easily on drinking glasses.  The sheen lasts for quite awhile and the color lasts for hours even after drinking and eating.  It doesn't feel goopy and doesn't clump on lips like some glosses do.  It also doesn't have that chemical scent and flavor that a lot of other non-flavored glosses have.  The tube is just the right size to fit in your make-up bag or purse and is easy to reapply on the go.  The price is a bit steep for a gloss but you'll love it so much you won't mind!

Keokuk, IA


I like the gloss, just not the applicator


I like the color and feel of this gloss pretty well, though the gloss is just a bit stickier than I like it.  However, the real problem is the applicator.  I got this particular kind because of the "flow through" brush, but have not been impressed.  What is supposed to happen is that you twist the bottom of the tube and that puts pressure on the makeup and it oozes out through the brush bristles.  That way its always fresh, doesn't get messy or clumped up.  But, it doesn't work all that well.  When I first opened it, no matter how much I twisted it, nothing came out.  I gave up and put it away then went back to try it, and found a mess of gloss all over the top.  I think it takes a bit for the twisting to catch up at first.  Ever since, it doesn't take so long, but it still seems to come out too much at a time, and there's no way to see whether its coming out and when, until its too late.  Not recommended for the application process.  Too complicated and I'm not that patient!

Post Falls, ID


Revlon Creme Gloss - All Shades

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