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Revlon Cherries In The Snow Nail Polish

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Finally-A polish that hasn't chipped after 2 days!!


I finally found the Holy Grail of nail polishes!!! I finally found a nail polish that is beautiful, goes on smoothly and cleanly, does not have that stinky smell that some polishes do and does not chip soon after application. And it's only been around for 50 some odd years. What's the name, you ask? Why, It's Revlon. I have always been reluctant to buy nail polish because it always chips within one to two days of application. Then my OCD kicks in and I start peeling it off. Not removing it with polish remover. I start peeling or chipping away at it until it all comes off. Which ends up peeling some layers of my nails off too. So I just don't buy it. It's probably also because I buy inexpensive brands and you get what you pay for. I kept hearing about a great sale on Revlon cosmetics this past week so I figure, it's finally within my budget and I haven't bought any polishes in a great while, I'm going to get one just to see if it's good. That was four days ago. It's still on my nails, looking fresh and best of all...NO CHIPS!! Since then, I've washed dishes, I've typed many a review on Viewpoints and cooked a few meals. Not one chip!! I am completely won over. The color (Cherries in the snow) is a blue-red, elegant, and shows off my nails exceptionally well. I'm going back to get more before the sale is over. It's been around forever. I should have realized it before. All my old polishes are going to be thrown away after I'm done writing this. Buh-bye!

Sherman Oaks, CA


Revlon Cherries In The Snow Nail Polish

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