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Renpure Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

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Absolutely amazing for my hair


I have long, thick wavy/curly hair that is color treated. I needed something for my hair before I colored it again and this stuff works like Magic. the price is great, it's safe for color treated hair and not tested on animals. I love this and will continue to use it forever. Absolutely wonderful product!

Elmont, NY


Kinda Like Dipping Your Head In Crisco Shortening


Maybe it was the bright colors, and maybe it was the organic label, but last year we purchased a collection of Renpure products. One of these products comes in a bright kelly green tube with white writing. It is called Renpure Organics Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. This conditioner is supposed to be a deep conditioner with aloe, kukui, and silk protein. It sounds great, doesn't it? The conditioner itself is white and semi thick. Effectiveness I have four types of hair in my household. Usually if a product does not work for one of us, it will work for another. I have had every person in my household try this conditioner and in every case it was HORRIBLE. Baby fine, thick, coarse, wavy, curly, dry, normal, and color treated- even damaged- none of the hair was positively affected by this conditioner. We tried less, more, leaving it in longer, and shorter- nothing seemed to work with this conditioner. It is not overly thick and squeezes out of the tube pretty easily. When putting it into the hair, it feels slick. It does massage into the hair, but then leaves it dull, weighed down and greasy looking. I have not had such a terrible conditioner since the days when most hair products were awful and heavy. It is too bad because we really thought this line had potential. Scent The scent is about the only thing that redeems this product other than the pretty bright green tube. It smells sort of like flowers and herbs with an almost perfume effect. Although I am not as fond of it from the tube, when my daughter used it, I always loved the fragrance of her hair as she walked by.

Podunk, NY


Renpur Organics is a MIRACLE Reconstructor!


Miracle is right!  I have thick shoulder length sstraight hair with only enough texture/wave to make it frizz!  I sued Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and then this Deep Condiditoner which I left in for 3 mintues, after rinsing I let my hair air dry.  It really flattened my pufy hair and not only was it not frizzy, but my friends actually thought I straightened my hair with a flat iron!  When I use this AND my flat iron, my hair totally gets super pin straight!  It doesn't FEEL weigned down at all, but it sure makes my hair super flat, so I use a volumizer for my roots.  If I don't apply this deep reconstructor to my roots, my hair will have more volume too!  This works great for me, and actually saves me time straightening my hair, but if you have thin hair I would definitely NOT recommed this since it will make your hair flat, but if you have thick hair, or unruly curly hair, I think it will work great for you!

Littlefield, TX


Don't believe in miracles


I bought this because I'd tried the Renpure Shampoo and Conditioner in the green bottles and loved them, and because I tried other deep conditioners that did wonders for my hair.  I have thick straight to wavy hair that can be coarse or frizzy. I thought this would make it less wiry and dry feeling. I don't know what happened with this product. Maybe I misunderstood what it's supposed to do. I used it in place of the regular conditioner thinking it was a deep conditioner. It did nothing for my hair. I left it in for the full 5 minutes and afterwards my hair felt less conditioned than when I use their regular conditioner or even a generic store brand conditioner. Aside from that, it's not even all that great of a product in terms of scent. I love the smell of their other products, this one was basically unscented. I don't think that's a bad thing in general, but if the product doesn't perform any function it ought to at leave have a nice smell going for it.  Sorry Repure folks. I loved your other products and said so in reviews, but even with the Try Me Free hangtag I can't recommend buying this one. 

Sterling Heights, MI


Renpure Amazing Miracle Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

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