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Black Cohosh
Remifemin Herbal Menopause Supplement

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Remifemin saved my life, I'm a happier person now


I thought I had been done and over with menopause, but lo and behold, not so.  I was having terrible night sweats, so bad that I had to change the bed clothes, take a bath and change my nightclothes. This would happen more than 5 times a week and I was starting to get very frustrated.  Not only the hot flashes, but the mood swings, too.  I was on a freebie site one day and saw an ad for a Menapause survival Kit.  In this survival kit, it mentioned a product called Remifemin and Remifemin Good Night.  There was a 7 day supply of the Remifemin, so I tried it.  Taken twice a day, and I noticed in just 2 days that the night sweats were dramatically reduced.  So I went to the web site and ordered a suppy of both the Remifemin and the Remifemin Good Night.  I now get a good night's sleep (all night long) with no night sweats, my mood has elevated quite nicely and I seem to be much calmer as well.  I've stopped taking a prescription sleeping aid since starting the Remifemin Good Night, so it's saving me money, too.  I highly recommend this to any woman who doesn't want the Prozac way of life.  This is all natural and a big hit with me.  Give it a try.    

Warminster, PA


Remifemin " good night" WORKS!


I have been using the nightime " Remifemin Good night" for about 3 weeks now. I had both hot flashes and night sweats occurring about 6-12 times per day, and several times per night. I started taking the nightime Remifemin and my night sweats virtually disappeared in 2 weeks AND no daily hot flashes either. I did get a period however ( after not having one for 5 months- perhaps a coincidence? ) I will continue to take this product!

Roseland, NJ


To Pricey and going up all the time


I use to use Remifemin all the time- on the up side it does work However Its way to pricey now and most of the time the store is out of stock . I also switched to the drugstore brand of these I found them disappearing off the shelves to the point that I could not find them. So I went searching for something else . What I found is a Great alternative to Remifemin in Standardized Black Cohosh gel caps from puritans pride # 3605. This is special because this kind of herb must be standardized in order to get the benefit from it. Just taking black cohosh in the regular herbal blend did nothing for me but the standardized gel caps work as well or better than the pricey Remifemin . The last time I bought Remifemin it coat around 25.99 for 30 day supply and the other day I saw it for 29.99 .  Puritans Pride gives you 90  gel-caps for 9.99 but you get 2 bottles free when you buy 1 and the shipping is only 3.99 on any order so your getting almost 300 days worth for about 14.00 shipped . I use this every day ,it works and the price is great , I also found it to be less harsh on my stomach and I get better sleep using it .

Palm Coast, FL


Remifemin Herbal Menopause Supplement

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