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Razer (RZ0300390100R3U1) Keyboard

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the keybord is fantastic he sound is good and he are RBG buy





Great Keyboard to play games on.


This keyboard is one of the best keyboard I ever used. I recommend this to anybody who likes to play games and need a great keyboard to use. Although its quite pricey this keyboard is worth it. I have been using this keyboard for quite some time now and its still working like brand new even when I play intense games where I would slam on the keys from time to time. The performance is great, the durability and the comfort is also great and would be great for playing games. Even my brother is using the same keyboard because its one of the best we ever had. Even if I had to choose between this and a different yet good gaming keyboard I would still take this one because the performance I do with it is incredible and outstanding. If I didn't buy this keyboard at all I would need to look for a find a new and good keyboard and that will take quite some time. So why both to find other keyboards when this is one of the best ones out there. Many gamers use this keyboard and they like using it just like me.



My first mechanical keyboard


As stated in the title, the Razer Blackwidow is my first mechanical keyboard and I am using it to type this review at the moment. Let me tell you something, I don't think I will ever go back to membrane keyboards again. If you don't know the difference between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical, you can quickly google that before continuing on in this review if you are interested. This keyboard is built like a tank, right out of the box you'll notice how solid this bad boy is. I would estimate it to be at least several pounds, it does not move around at all on my desk when I type or play video games. It comes with cherry mx blue switches which have audio feed back (a distinct click) when you actuate a key. It is absolutely a pleasure to type on this keyboard, the keys feel lighter and faster. Now on to the bad news which isn't so bad. I have to take away a star here because of the design of the keyboard. There are 5 macro keys on the left side of the keyboard. Sounds like a good idea to have those extra macro keys right? But it is the location that is a problem, I'm used to having my left pinky on the control key at the edge of the keyboard but the left edge of the keyboard is occupied by the said macro keys and it took me a while to adjust to this. Also the keyboard comes in a piano black glossy finish which is a completely bad idea for a keyboard as it smudges at the slightests touch. Please note I did not opt to get the ultimate edition of the keyboard which includes an extra usb slot, headphone jack and back lighting.

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Razer (RZ0300390100R3U1) Keyboard

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