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Razer - Moray Headphones

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Great vocals but lacks bass


As the title says, this headphone is good for music but it lacks bass. Being a Razer product, these headphones were meant for gaming but is probably not as effective as it is supposed to be. However, these headphones are great for music if you'd rather hear the singer's voice over the sounds of instruments. The Moray headphone does not tangle and is nosie cancelling. The greatest part about these headphones is that you do not and can not hear noise when the headphone cord is moving. For normal, average headphones, you would hear the sound of the headphone cord moving which would affect music quality but these headphones do not make any sound at all. Although I bought these headphones for gaming, I ended up using these for jogging and its worked out for me.

New York, NY


Razer - Moray Headphones

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