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RabbitAir BioGS Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

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A-one Air Purifier


We've had this air purifier for about a year and have been very pleased with it. We have it set to monitor the air in our bedroom; it comes on automatically when it "smells" odors. Embarrassing but funny - I was about 10 feet away making the bed when I passed gas; the air purifier's monitor went from green to orange to red in about 20 seconds and then kicked on! It monitors an area of about 800 square feet and does an excellent job of eliminating odor. With 2 dogs to contend with, that is no small feat. Maintenance thus far has been simple and cheap. When the light comes on indicating the filter needs attention, we remove it, disassemble it, vacuum the paper filter and wash the carbon filter. I do, however, dread having to replace the Hepa filter; I understand it is quite expensive. Clearly this is not the cheapest air purifier, but I do highly recommend it for performance & reliability. Filter Availability readily availabe, but expensive

Pickens, SC


Easy, breezy Clean


I love my RabibtAir; it cleans the air in my apartment better and faster than anything else I've tried.  I live in New York City, so it's really hard to keep things clean. In addition, I smoke and have a pet, which also contribute to the problem.  With the RabbitAir, you'd never know I smoke, and I don't have to dust as often. The unit runs really quiet and is easy and reasonably economical to maintain - just vacuum the filter once every couple of months or so and replace about once every 18 months. I tried ionic air cleaners - I had to wipe the collection grids every week and they produced a strange, ozone-y odor. The other hepa cleaners I tried needed replacement filters every couple of months; it was expensive, and I wasn't always able to find the replacement filters.  The RabbitAir replacment hepa filter is a bit expensive, but only needs to be replaced about once every eighteen months. 

New York, NY


RabbitAir BioGS Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

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