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Quikrete WalkMaker - Country Stone Pattern

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Artistic License with WalkMaker Forms


Creating a path in my side yard using the Country Stone pattern between two pre-existing concrete slabs presented a problem - what to do if the area to be covered cannot be equally divided based upon the length of the WalkMaker form? I formed the concrete path as per normal directions until I arrived at the final span to be covered by the Country Stone pattern. The area remaining to be covered was short of the form's length. I measured the remaining walk at 14.75" I then placed the form on an adjacent area [not part of the walk.] I backfilled the form with mud from the available dirt in the area. The dimensions of the backfilled area matched the intersecting area between the form and the existing slab. I then filled the remaining spaces in the form with the normal concrete used for the walkway. I removed the form and touched-up the "stones." The concrete was allowed to cure overnight. The following morning, I removed the mud and lifted the trucated stone pattern. Placing the "stones" in now-finished walkway allowed the pattern to abutt the slab in a natural manner.

Anaheim, CA


Quikrete WalkMaker - Country Stone Pattern

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