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Multi Grain Rice Cake
Quaker - Mini Delights Chocolatey Mint Flavor

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There's only one downside to these.


Whenever I eat the Quaker Mini Delights in the Chocolatey mint flavor, I am left wanting more! These are absolutely delicious and are a great sweet snack for on the go! They are a bit pricey, but help satisfy my sweet tooth when I'm trying to tone up in the summer. They have a nice crunch about them and have always tasted fresh. The sugar isn't ridiculously high either so I will give them to my children on occasion, and they love them as well.



All I can say is YUM!


So my mom bought these rice cakes to keep in her snack drawer for the grandkids.  Thank Goodness my son always has to take a snack for the road.  Even better for me is that he fell asleep I got to munch on them on the way home.  They taste sooo yummy, nice equal part of chocalate and mint.  Definately a staple in my snack drawer now.

Encinitas, CA


Quaker - Mini Delights Chocolatey Mint Flavor

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