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Puritan's Pride
Puritan's Pride L-carnitine

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It do good work


The reason I use L-carnitine is that I want to lose weight, and I do not want to take weight loss drugs. Before the puritan's pride L-carnitine, I had tried the GNC L-carnitine, it really worked for my weight losing, but then I did not use it for a while, then my weight increased again, therefore I wanted to use L-carnitine again. But I think GNC products are expensive to some degree, my friends recommended I can replace it with puritan's L-carnitine. Afer more than a month's use, I think the L-carnitine is a good product for me, I used it about half hour before I runned or do other exercise, as it said, the L-carnitine assists in fat metabolism, when I use it , I can feel much more sweat covered on my body, and I really lost about 5 pounds last month. In addition, I do not feel any uncomfortable or any other side effect. Hence, maybe I will keep using the L-carnitine to keep my shape until I feel good about myself. Something confuse me is that after the first month, I think the effect is not as good as the first few days, when I doing exercise, the sweat became less, and* *I do not know why this happen.

Tampa, FL


Puritan's Pride L-carnitine

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