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Purina Pet Music CD for Kittens and Cats

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Purina Pet Music CD for Kittens and Cats Reviews


Received this 's in 2012 I recall. The CD works very well My problem is that the CD has scratches and slips on the 8th track which disturbs his concentration and becomes agitated Please tell me how to order the free one

Springfield, MA


My Cat Midnight Loves this relaxing music CD, Nice


     I got this Pet Music CD and other freebies from Purina when Midnight was a Kitten.       I don't know if they still send the kits, but give thenm a call if you have a Kitten and see what they will do for you.  It is like the Welcome Wagon, but for kittens was worth it for me to call them.      Along with the Music CD, Midnight got a Wand toy, Adorable Large folder with pockets  folder for her medical records, a pink brush, snack and food samples and coupons.      I was only expecting the CD, you should seen the look on my face when I got the package in the mail!     Midnight still loves the CD and their is another cat in the complex that comes around and  she goes NUTS.      The music CD is very calming and after 31/2 years she still likes it and ends up falling into that adorable, peaceful sleep.     They should make more products like these, and for dogs too!   I only have the one CD and 1 Movie I found a few years ago in a catalog.    There are 11 instrumental only songs: Song of Spring, Snowbank, Open Air, Warm Hugs, Autumn Vision, Tranquil Streams, Summer Wonder, Chasing Clouds, Playful Times, Morning Mist and Indian Summer.       This CD has also been calming for me too and is an hour long.

Venice, FL


Purina Pet Music CD for Kittens and Cats

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