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Psion NETBOOK PRO 3000 Pocket PC

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The original 'netbook' PSION Netbook PRO


The greatest thing by PSION handed to people who appreciate outdated technology (2003) that is overlooked by many--the netbook pro. It is my mistress, to whom I confide my intimate reflections. I use her mainly for word processing. Why? you ask. Instant-on. This netbook has instant-on! That means if you close the lid, the netbook is off. If you open the lid, it is on. The battery life lasts for 8 hours; however, this is probably meant for new batteries. Mine lasts for around 4-5. Backup batteries are two AAA. This netbook is outdated by I have yet to see anything try to replace it. The specifications limit this netbook's capabilities, but some people have been able to run Linux on it. I do not need to go so far as to do that because I use it only as an instant word processor. Built in speakers, touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, Windows CE--2003 is not too bad. I know, I know. New technology comes out every day. The netbook market is expanding and portability has been as innately desireable as . . . But I have a question: Why hasn't any recent netbook tried to combine the PDA's instant on with a mini laptop's portability? The answer is PSION. May they release a new netbook* in the future. I can wait. * PSION TEKLOGIX has released the Netbook and the Netbook Pro

Quincy, MA


Psion NETBOOK PRO 3000 Pocket PC

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