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Proscan 32LA25Q 32" LCD TV

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Slim T.V. with Great Picture & Enough Inputs to Meet Needs!


Slim, Lightweight T.V. that works great and has a great picture. It has several hdmi inputs, audio and video, along with a pc option to connect a computer if you want to use as a computer monitor. Picture Quality Truly has an excellent picture. The picture quality is fantastic. The GHz is only 60 so there is probably some screen drag for sporting events or action movies, but I haven't noticed any. If the screen was larger than 32" I would be more concerned about it, but as it is, I would not complain. Sound Quality The sound quality is much better than expected and I would say better than to comparable brands. I don't know if it's speaker placement, but you get a touch of surround sound. Whether it's a phone that rings or a car honking it's horn, I will turn and look before realizing it's on t.v. - I think it's great and so much better than expected. I was planning to purchase a soundbar to use with it, but it's not needed. Durability I've only had my t.v. for about a year and a half, but I've had no issues whatsoever. I have had no problems at all and I do not anticipate any issues. Design The television is very slim and lightweight. It looks good and easily mounts to a wall or sits on the stand that came with the t.v. Performance The Picture is great and the sound is much better than expected. You can hook up multiple items with the available inputs including your personal computer. It's simple and easy to switch from one input to another or to adjust your settings. If you want to zoom or stretch the screen, simply hit the selection on the remote and done. It's a great t.v. for the price.



Great Value, Decent Picture on Proscan


I have owned this TV for awhile now. I really do appreciate it since I love HDTV's and it is the only one in my house. I find the picture to be good, but not as good as those currently sold in stores. It is a little bit older and TV's advance so fast that I wouldn't expect it to be as good as those in stores, but for the most part its still decent. It has 3 HDMI ports for HD capable devices which is nice for a lower priced small tv. It only broadcasts in 1080i or 720p which doesn't matter as much on a smaller TV, but I can't help but think it would make a difference if it was 1080p. This would most likely appear in blu ray quality. Overall I find this TV to be a nice HDTV, however I will probably be upgrading to 1080p when I can. For now, this does the job, has enough HDMI ports and offers a nice picture. I would recommend this, but only if you are looking for value, if not I would spend more money for the bigger sets either LCD or LED.

Cincinnati, OH


Proscan 32LA25Q 32" LCD TV

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