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ProForm GR 80 Stationary Bike

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Wow! great machine.


The proform gr 80 by life fitness is an outstanding amazing machine. We bought this machine when I had recevied a shot for nerv damage in my toe and had to take six weeks off from my daily run. The life fitness proform gr 80 was purchased at a resonable amount and came with a fantastic one year warranty!  It is the best machine i would say overall for your knees, joints, and also your feet! I get on my proform gr 80 daily and can say I don't feel like I've lost any endurance or speed. If anything I do feel like I am working more muscles than when i do run. The different levels and settings on the life fitness proform gr 80 are sure to keep you busy! You will never get complacent with your proform gr 80 trainer, with each workout working new muscles everytime. The seat adjusts compfortably for all sizes, and has a big compfy seat. The proform gr 80 by life fitness also offers side Handel's that read your heart rate, while wearing a chest strap.

Perris, CA


I love this bike because it's so comfortable to use.


I bought my Pro-Form GR 80 a little over a year ago.  I was really impressed with the combination of price and features for this bike.  I was particularly looking for a recumbent bike because the typical stationary bikes hurt my knees when I pedaled.  I tried out several different bikes at different stores and was most impressed with this one.  It had a number of features that interested me, including pre-programmed tracks.  It also displays the speed, pulse rate, calories burned, and amount of time.  I also liked the seat which is quite comfortable and offers back support as well as hand-holds which can be used instead of holding onto the console.  The fan is also easy to use and turn on while pedaling and provides two speeds.  The console display uses batteries to operate and I haven't had to replace them since I first put them in.  The primary drawback is the adjustment for the length between the seat and pedals.  It's based on turning a screw on a rail and I find that I have to get my husband to adjust it (by pulling the rail out or pushing it in) and that it tends to move out as I pedal.  I solved this problem by putting the end of the rail against a heavy piece of furniture and no longer have to have my husband constantly adjusting it. Overall, I'm very pleased with this bike and the ease of use.

Lexington, KY


ProForm GR 80 Stationary Bike

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