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Proctor Silex Traditions Tall Can Opener

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Easy To Operate But A Waste of Space


I received this electric can opener as a gift and while I liked the idea of having an electric can opener it was something that was only used occasionally and ended up getting moved around the countertops in the kitchen until I packed it back in the box and gave it to someone else. If you open a lot of cans then this is nice to have so if you are a pet owner that opens a can or two a day of pet food then chances are you are going to love having this in your kitchen. The only time that this saw a lot of use was when I could be making chicken salad or tuna salad and needed to open about six cans. It works on all types of metal cans including pet food, tuna fish, vegetables and soup. For smaller cans like tuna and chicken you do have to hold the can level so that it will turn correctly but it is not hard to operate. For me the biggest problem was space; while I do have a lot of counter space in my kitchen I found myself moving this over and over when I needed more room to mix things or to roll out dough. It wasn't extremely loud when it was being used but the motor did have a distinct noise to it when it was opening the can. The person that I gave this to several years ago still has it and uses it on a daily basis to open cat and dog food. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an easy to use can opener or for those who have hand issues that prevent them from using regular hand-held can openers.



Proctor Silex Traditions Tall Can Opener

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