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Prince Lionheart
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Prince Lionheart Wash Pod

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Prince Lionheart Wash Pod is just ok


When I first received this bathtub I thought, wow!  what a great concept!  The baby stays warm in the water the entire time and sits upright.  You can put as much or as little water into the tub as you want and the baby will feel safe and secure.  I wanted this tub because my old bathtubs always leaked because they folded into themselves for storage so they weren't leak proof when I wanted to bathe the child on the counter.  This would solve that problem and it did.  The problems I had with it were that it wasn't very useful if the child couldn't sit up on their own.  I wanted to use this right away so that I wasn't holding my newborn while I washed them and I could get the bath done quicker while they stayed warm in the water.  Well it turned out that I had to hold them up in the tub and also try to wash them with one hand.  It just wasn't very practical.  Now when my child was bigger and could sit up on their own....well then they were a little too big to be in the tub anymore.  So for me it didn't work out very well.  But I did like that at the bottom of the tub, they had a slip resistant cushioned bottom that suctioned down into it to give them a more comfy seat. Ease of Use It was hard to get a newborn (or baby who doesn't hold their head up yet) to sit in the tub by themselves and then try to wash them. I had to hold the child with one and clean with the other it was quite cumbersome. Ease of Cleaning It's plastic, it wipes clean easily

Spring, TX


Wash Pod keeps baby warm


I received this gift for my daughter as a Christmas gift when she was about 2 months old.  I used the standard baby bath tub with my first so when I saw this, I was a bit skeptical.  After a bit of trial and error, I have learned to love this tub.  The bath pod requires very little water and because baby is full emerged in the water, baby stays warm during the entire bathing session.  My only complaint would be is that it does take a bit of mauvering and adjusting to learn how to handle baby while washing baby at the same time.   My daughter does seem to enjoy being bathed in the bath pod though.  I also like that it is small and doesn't take up as much as many of the traditional baby tubs do.  It also saves on the amount of water used because of the design as well.  I would recommend this to any new mom or to a mom with a baby who did not like the standard baby tub.  This makes bath time so much more enjoyable for baby because they stay warm!

Timberville, VA


Prince Lionheart Wash Pod is a good alternative for bathing.


The Prince Lionheart wash pod is a European inspired washing "bucket" meat to be used from birth up to around six months. This is for typical babies, so anyone with bigger babies will get a shorter lifespan out of it. Our baby is six weeks old and about thirteen pounds (born over ten pounds), and I do not see it lasting to six months, maybe to three or four. The pros for this are that the baby feels more secure, I can say that he has never cried or fussed while being bathed. It is easy to fill and clean and has a little ledge on the inside to make baby more comfortable. The cons are that it is somewhat big, but it should be easy to store once we are through with it. For us, we have always needed two people to use it, which is not a problem since daddy loves to help, but I can see it being difficult to for one person to maneuver baby in, especially if the baby is smaller and does not have good neck support yet.

Round Rock, TX


very comforting to a newborn


This baby bathtub is the best! We have used it every since her umbilical stump fell off and she loves bath time. She is all the way in the water, usually up to her armpits and it keeps her nice and warm. There is plenty of room to wash arms and legs. Sometimes it is tricky to really clean between the skin folds, but we have started to wipe them down with a soapy washcloth before she goes in the tub now. 

Towson, MD


Prince Lionheart Wash Pod

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