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My Liddle Griddle is great!


I have often desired a griddle, but did not have the counter or cupboard space to put one of the large size ones I often saw in stores. Then I saw the Liddle Griddle and knew it was made for me. Plus when you are cooking for one (or two) it is the perfect size. It is easy to clean after using too, it heats qucikly and cooks evenly. It makes doing grilled cheese sandwiches, french toast and pancakes, plus bacon and eggs so much easier to prepare rather than cooking them in a frying pan like I did in the past.. There is ample cooking surface to allow quick meal preperation and the even cooking temperature ensures no burning of food. I am so glad I made this purchase and I think you will be happy with it too.

Tucson, AZ


perfect countertop grill


The presto 7211 indoor liddle griddle is a perfecet complement to anyone who serves up a quick and easy breakfast on a regular basis.  This griddle has definitely gotten quite a bit of use in my household since we purchased it on a black friday a couple of years ago.  The item was heavily discounted and included a mail in rebate so we scored it pretty cheap, not knowing how well it would perform.  I now realize the true value of this griddle and know that it is still performing great today a few years later!  The cooking surface of this griddle is small...it measures 8.5 inches by 10.5 inches, so you are looking at a griddle the size of a piece of paper.  But it is great if you are a single person or just do not need much space for cooking...it makes storage that much easier!  The non stick surface is still as great as the first day I used it, and have not noted any additional problems with food sticking.  The griddle is electric, so you just plug it in and go to cooking!

Saint Louis, MO


Like our Presto Littl Griddle 7211


The Presto 7211 little griddle is just what we needed. It is smal but large enough for 2 people. it is easy to use and clean. Just stick the griddle plate in your dishwasher. It cooks evenly with no hot or cold spots. Great for a quick breakfast. The temperature control works very well. We have had griddles and skilletes over the yers that were a lot larger that were hard to clean and sttore. Not with this little griddle. Eggs, sausage and eggs for easily fits on the little griddle. You could easily take this with you on trips that comes in handly staying where you have access to a kitchen. if you want a small griddle that is made for 2 and even 3 people to use this is the one. We talked about buying a griddle or skillete for our kitcen since our old ones died and they were too large and hard to clean and store. I started loooking on line and found the Presto little griddle.  Our kids are on their own and this griddle is just wheat we need.

West Columbia, SC


Presto Liddle Griddle Mini-Griddle 0

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