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Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

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Estee Lauder You Messed Up - Bring Back Prescriptive Foundations


I loved prescriptive and Estee Lauder the owners of the Prescriptive Brand discontinued the product and now I am left to search through all the new, the old, the good and the bad products currently on the market.  Prescriptive provided me with a custom blended foundation blended to enhance my natural beauty and complexion now I have to buy a one size fit plenty color.  I loved the light weight of the foundation and the fact that the brand factored in skin undertones.  Prescriptives provided me also with the option of genuine oil free foundation with the right blend of colors and allowed me to have two foundations one for Winter and the other for the rest of the year.  I also like that you could get complimentary shades of shadows and lipstick which were also custom.  Foundations came in a press powder option, liquid and a oil free liquid.  Estee Lauder please bring back my foundation you will make me and at least 20,000 women happy!

Lincolnshire, IL


Prescriptives Foundation is my favorite ever


Great texture, easy to apply, light, not greasy. Good for filling in/covering up enlarged pores. I love Prescriptives' system for matching skin tone, it works really well for me. This is more expensive than the drug store brands, but it is definitely higher quality in my experience. I'd rather buy Prescriptives because I know I'll be able to use it happily. Not necessarily so with the drug store brands.

Earlysville, VA


Made just for you!


I have been using Pescriptives costmetics for 6 years.  I love the Custom Blend foundation & powder.  Trying to match my very dry, "yellow" skin to the perfect foundation & powder can be frustating.  Prescriptives Blends customizes YOUR foundation & powder to fit YOUR needs.  Their face make-up looks very natural on your skin.

Orange, CA


Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

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