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Premier Dead Sea Products

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Great for skin.


I recieved Premier Bath Salts as a Christmas gift. I tried them out and absolutely love them. You simply sprinkle them into a tub of hot water and relax. They dissolve into the water and the water gives off an amazing scent and feels like silk. Through your entire bathing experience the bath salts moisturize and hydrate your skin! The bath salts allow you to relax and treat your skin in ways you never thought possible. They leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. After your bath you can still feel the effects of the bath salts. Your skin feels soft, smooth, and refreshed. You will notice less dead skin. Your skin feels much healthier! I strongly recommend this product to women wanting better feeling skin!



I hate Gypsies!


I love this product, it works well. Unfortunately, it is overpriced and the people selling it are overly pushy. I don't want to be attacked/harassed in the mall every time I pass by. They track you down and basically beg you to buy the product, not something I like



I cannot believe Onsen is allowed to operate under UK and EU law


I felt under undue pressure by Onsen sales person and believe that my experience accounts to a classic example of misseling and false advertising. The company has a fake website with false prices on it just to be able to show customers on site what a great deal they are entering to if they purchase products from them at Westfield. The technique is always the same 'I like you' hence I want to offer you a great deal, constant repeating of 'I tell you what' (called anchoring in NLP), sales person pretending to call manager to confirm the great deal he is offering, shaming you into believing that you are being pathetic by constantly repeating how much money other people spent there (strangely enough they always mention the 2,000 pound purchase by someone just before you) and of course the big hug at the end. Also, you cannot write reviews about the products on the company's website without it being censored by the company. Hence, only 6 positive reviews about the product which apparently have been on the market for 4 years. But my favourite is that when you want a refund they tell you to contact the company's 'head office' on a US number as the refunds would be processed from there! On first sight the phone number is a US number but it is actually registered in the British Virgin Islands. They don't take calls but only have an answering machine and if you leave your name and details: you guessed it.... they will never call you back. PEOPLE SHOULD REPORT ONSEN TO WESTFIELD COMPLAINTS TEAM, OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING and WHICH?.



Premier Dead Sea Products

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