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Pond's Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes

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This smells good initially and does a good job with moisture but


This started out to be one of my favorite products. It smelled great, did the exfoliating well, and moisturized too! However, before long, the little exfoliating beads started to smell like mold. The smell worsened by the day until I could not take it anymore and threw them away. Contacted the company to notify of this and received no response. Effectiveness Without the moldy smell, it was effective but since I can't tolerate that smell, they can't be used anymore, thus, they are not effective. Other than the mold smell, they were working well. Ease of Application As I said, prior to the mold smell, these worked well. Scent Well, initially I would probably have rated them a 9 but I wait until I have used a product all up before I review--and it's a good thing because this product turned sour before it was gone! (mold smell)

Grand Haven, MI


I keep a pack in my gym bag AND at home!


I almost always have these handy. They are great to washing off makeup at the end of the night. They are also great anytime during the day that you just need to feel fresh! I keep a pack in my gym bag for days that I don't gave time to shower, but I need to be at least a little clean when leave! Effectiveness It takes off make up easily without having to do lots of scrubbing. It's gentile on my skin and doesn't leave any sticky residue. It leaves me feelin fresh an clean. I use I on my face mostly, but it worked well on my body when I need to freshen up after a workout ir being outside, getting dirty! Ease of Application The pack is easy to open. The towels are already wet and ready to use. When you finish with them, they are easily disposable! They are perfect on the go or for a quick clean up at home! Scent The scent has a great citrus smell. It smells fresh and clean, which adds to the clean feeling you get when using them! There are no strong perfumes, just a light fresh scent!



Ponds Morning Fresh is great for your skin.


I got these as a bonus to the daily facial towellettes and was a little reluctant to try it because I don't like trying new things. I was wonderfully surprised. The scent was light and just what I needed to wake me up in the morning. The clothes have small "beads" on them which help to clear away dead skin which I sorely need as I forget to use scrubs frequently. They still pulled up just as much as the regular daily towellettes to so I wasn't missing out on anything. Like the daily clothes they keep me from having a water mess all over my sink from trying to rinse my face after a regular face wash. They are a bit more expensive then a regular cleaner but anytime I have the money I am willing to spend it. The best part is I use one side for me and the other for my toddler, it doesn't hurt his eyes and I am not using a cloth that is made for his bottom on his face and because I use it on us both it saves me some money. Totally worth it.

Tarawa Terrace, NC


Pond's Wet Towellettes Are Evening Fresh, Too


Cleansing cloths are one of the few drugstore/mass market merchandiser products that I prefer to those sold at department stores and specialty stores. The cloths are usually larger and definitely feel like they have been infused with more product. The MAC and Philosophy Cleansing Cloths are 3-4 times the price and do not deliver a better cleansing experience. I have NEVER bought a Pond's product before. Pond's was my grand-mother's brand. Even my mother never bought Pond's. The citrus/cucumber scent of the Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes really sold me first. And the price was so reasonable that I thought it was worth a try. And it was. I really like these towelettes. They are double sided. The side with tiny "bumps" is meant to really clean out the pores and it works. I found it totally non-abrasive. The smooth side is great for finishing off the cleaning process or for more sensitive areas. The directions do warn that the scent can aggravate your eyes (I did not find this) so this product may not be appropriate for removal of eye makeu-up. I know that Pond's is marketing as a refreshing AM cleansing product, but I use them mostly as night when I am too tired to deal with my usual cleanser and water.

Potomac, MD


Pond's Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes

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