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Poly Brush
Poly Brush Foam Brushes

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Great For Crafting, Painting And Cleaning


When you need a little more control over what you are cleaning, painting or applying glue to, a foam brush is an economical option. They are easy to clean up, light weight and can be used for a lot of different things around the house. If you want to use these for cleaning they are a great choice over using a regular sponge to clean wood casings around windows. I use them dry to remove dust but have also used them after I have sprayed the finished wood sections of the windows. Because this is a sponge it gets into all of the bevels of the wood without having to wad up a paper towel or rag. You can get these in a variety of sizes; the thinner ones are great for applying glue or an adhesive for doing collage work but you can also use them for painting signs. You have a lot of control over where the paint is going but you have to avoid over saturating it or you will end up with the paint dripping out of the foam. These allow for quicker coverage to larger areas but if you are painting interior rooms they are one of the best products for working in small areas like around door frames, window ledges and near baseboards. One of the things that I absolutely love about this is that you can trim them; if you have one with a three inch wide head you can use scissors to cut a little bit off. I have done that in the past when I was applying border trim and needed a way to apply water to the back of the paper without getting water everywhere.



Foam brush is a great tool!!


When we painted the cabinets a few years back, my husband brought home some of these foam paint brushes. I had painted before with small rollers but for the most part, painting cabinets was a new skill I was going to have to master. I just could not get the hang of the brush. I ended up with paint lines on the finishes. As a perfectionist, that result just could not be left. I ended up trying these foam brushes and the ensuing finish was just as I had hoped. There were no tell tale streaks or bristles that might come out of the brush and be left on wet paint. These brushes can be used numerous times with latex paint. They wash clean with soap and water. They are good for other uses besides painting. My husband used them to apply sealer to the grout in the bathrooms and the kitchen table. These brushes are very economical and easy to use. I highly recommend these brushes as an alternative to the bristle brush.

SmallTown, TX


Poly Brush Foam Brushes

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