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Polaroid - PMP180 Music & Video Player

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I use for podcasts; it mysteriously stops on some podcasts.


This probably suffices if you play music, because songs are relatively short, but podcast are longer and if you need to pause, for phone calls, other peoples needs it lacks practical pause/resume features. During pause, the player turns off if you don't resume soon enough. Then you must "reboot" and that requires forced viewing the Polaroid flash screen, to finally get the black music screen. Then you must press the mode button and then the pause/resume to continue playing. If your driving, just forget it, hope you have a radio or something until you can pull over and reboot. If your life has no distractions, you might not care. This players most undependable problem, and it only happens on about 5% of pod-casts; is when it plays and just stops! When you press the Pause/Resume it starts you to the beginning of the podcast. That can happen 25, 30 or more minutes into a cut and it's pretty frustrating. If you fast forward to the stopping point, it starts over again. You can't skip over the bad spot. I took the first one I purchased back because of this problem, and exchanged for another, unfortunately it does the same thing.



"Polaroid is a great music player!"


so it may not be and ipod or watever but it works!!! does what it says it will and it sounds great!!...isnt that the most important thing in an mp3/4 player?..the sound?...well it sounds amazing!!! all your fav songs sound incredibly clear!! its easily extra looking or calling the company to get to your files...or how to delete songs:/(weve all been through that one)...the videos are as clear as you download if you download fuzzy and unclear videos..dont expect the player to magically make them clear..seriously >.< small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to find if you lose it..its battery lif is long you can listen a good ten hours without a charge (teen proof) haha so all in all its a good product!

Pittsburgh, PA


Polaroid MP3 Player -A good MP3 player for the money!


I got one of these for Christmas after my old mp3 player gave out. It's steps ahead of my old one, but still I would put it at about average for a low-end/price mp3 player. The best thing about is probably the fact that it is rechargeable. It recharges via USB in a few hours and the battery seems to last forever when using it for music.  It includes other features as well - playing video, viewing photos, and recording audio. I don't really have any plans to use it for those things, so I can't really comment on the quality of them, though the preloaded example pictures and video look nice. My biggest complaint is that the touch screen isn't quite sensitive enough. Sometimes it is great, other times you have to tap something a couple times before it will recognize it. Another downside is that it comes with awful, cheap earbuds. Luckily, I already had a different pair of nicer earbuds, but I wouldn't recommend using the standard ones that come with this player. There's no way they could be comfortable.

Bland, VA


Polaroid - PMP180 Music & Video Player

3.7 3