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Explorer 320
Plantronics - Bluetooth Headset

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clear and no complaint at all!


Just think about... being chat without holding a hanger.. what do you feel? that's perfect and good!!!! you can't even hear any wind while i am standing in a subway... and the device is just perfectly fine and capture my voice clearly... My friend even ask me.. am i in the office or room? how come so clear and you can't deny the quality on this device

Hillsboro, OR


Cheaper price, great performance


I did not know what I was instore for when I purchased this headset. Once I brought it and used it, I was very pleased. Almost the same quality as the more expensive brands, only the sound is not the same quality, but very close. You get a great deal for the price.

Brooklyn, NY


Plantronics 320 is adiquate


You are really not getting anything special with the Plantronics 320 Explorer Bluetooth headset. I have had it for multiple years now and it is still working well. I do not use it often, mainly for long car trips where i will be traveling through states that no longer allow cell phone use. (I live in New Hampshire, Live Free of Die :) But I also use it for long customer service calls, they will usually put you on hold for who knows how long and its pretty handy to be able to continue your own tasks while listening to some awful quality elevator music while on hold. The clarity of the device is perfectly sufficient, you cant really make a cell phone call sound high fidelity. The only complaint i have with it is i have not found out how to pair it with a computer for use with skype, if i recall correctly you cant for some reason. The battery life seems good, i will usually leave it in a drawer, off, for months and when i turn it on it still has plenty of juice. I have never actually had it die on me as i will charge it when convenient after every use.

Durham, NH


doesn't hold a charge


  My husband bought this for me as a bday present when they first come on the market. I haven't had much luck with mine.  It doesn't hang up or answer using the unit itself nor does it hold a charge for more than 12 hours when sitting idle.    

Oldsmar, FL


Plantronics - Bluetooth Headset

3.8 4