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Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Cloths

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Not the best


I generally love Philosophy products. They're the equivalent of facial gold mines. Unfortunately, this one really falls short. First of all, they're not like other facial cloth packages. Usually the cloths are already pre-moistened to be used in place of facial cleanser. That is not the case with these. They are meant to be used in addition to your Philosophy facial cleansers. Second of all, they're designed strange. They're not just cloths, they have finger holes. That just seems ill advised to me since everyone has different sized hands. Mine are really small and the the holes are not the best fit. Lastly, they just seem unnecessary. If you want a cloth to rub your face wash on your face with, a wash cloth from your linen closet would would just as well. Maybe even better. Sorry Philosophy, this one was a swing and a miss. Effectiveness Just not effective enough to be worth buying in my opinion.

Southfield, MI


Okay product, but do you really need them?


I have reviewed many philosophy products. Years ago I worked in a department store, so was able to try many brands, all while getting an employee discount (yay!). The philosophy brand is the one I've mainly stuck with over the years, and use several of their products to this day. That being said, the microdelivery exfoliating cloths will probably not stay in my product rotation. Now, let me start by saying that they aren't a bad product. The basis is that you can put your cleanser or exfoliating product on the cloths, giving you an even deeper exfoliation. But they aren't the easiest to use; the hole for your fingers is spaced strangely and aren't very big (but the issue could me my man hands, as I'm sure it was made more for women). The cloth rarely stayed on, so I ended up just kind of holding it in my hand to use. I wasn't sure that I noticed any huge difference between using the cloth and not, but it did seem a bit smoother when I did use it. However, my first thought after using it was "Couldn't I have just used a washcloth for the same effect?" Seems kind of unnecessary to spend extra money for this product. True, it is nice for travelling, but I don't really travel enough for that to be an issue. So, overall, not really worth it for me. But if you have money to burn, by all means buy them. Again, they aren't a bad product, just kind of a waste of money.

Chicago, IL


Not worth the Money


I buy alot of philosophy products and thought I would try these.  I have some dry skin on my face occassionally and was hoping this would keep it at bay.  They really did nothing. I used them as directed and I even tried "the circular motion more than 10 times" in each spot and that didn't seem to help either.  A little disappointed in this product.  I really do like philosophy products but this one just doesn't do anything special.

Ellenburg Center, NY


No happy with this product


This product was added in a packaged set from QVC. The cloths are very awkward to use and flimsy. They really are not needed if you are already using exfoliating wash, scrub etc. When it gets wet it just gets uneasy to handle and the long gap, I'm assuming for your fingers, makes no sense. Poor product. My second disappointment from the Philosophy line. Products work just as well w/ out this item and the frustrations that come along when trying to use it.

Valley Center, CA


Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Cloths

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