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Portable DVD Player
Philips in. Portable DVD Player

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Great Philps DVD Player!


We have always traveled with plenty of things for the kids to do, but toys always fall on the floor, crayons melt in the car, and stuffed animals stop being fun. So this year we bought this Philips portable DVD player for our trip to The Grand Canyon Railroad. The DVD player is pretty light weight.  DVDs are easy to load. 7 inches does turn out to be plenty big enough. The max volume is sufficient. We did not experience any problems with skipping (even with the kids moving it around).  We charged the battery overnight before we left, but it only lasted about an hour before we had to plug it into the a/c port in the car. The cord reached just fine from the back seat to the front plug. In the hotel we were able to connect the DVD player to the t.v. so that we could all watch a movie   Our only real issue is the button to open up the DVD player is very sensitive and located right on the side of the player. Every time the kids put their hands on the DVD player it would pop open and stop the movie. OTher than that we are very happy with the product.

Phoenix, AZ


Philips in. Portable DVD Player

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