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DVD Player
Philips - DVP3962 DVD Player

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Good cheap DVD player


I was looking for a reliable, cheap, DVD player and purchased this Philips DVD player. I've been very happy with it. It gets a lot of use and it continues to work great. My kids like to operate it themselves and the controls are simple enough that they are able to do that. After several years of use the only issue we're having in that the DVD tray doesn't always like to open. Sometimes I have to push the eject button two or three times before it will come open but considering all the use it's gotten this isn't bad at all. Sound Quality It's as good as my TV speakers allow for. Durability I've had this for years and my little kids like to operate it themselves and it still works great Ease of Use Even my young kids can operate it.

Knoxville, TN


Philips DVP3962 DVD Player is an exceptional product!


I recently purchased this DVD and it works great! I used to have a similar product that finally died after about 6 years of use!  So it needed to be replaced and of course I stuck with the same name brand product with great confidence that it will last me just as long. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this product. I love the black look goes great with my flat screen TV; I also love the fact that it is slim and not big and bulky. I like that it's digital, it tells you on the DVD player whether it's loading, stopped, playing, or if its done with the previews it will let you know it's at the ROOT menu.

San Antonio, TX


Philips - DVP3962 DVD Player

5.0 2