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Philips DVD Player VCR Combo

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I love my Magnavox DVD/VCR Combo!


Okay, I'm the first to admit it. I'm a total cheapskate. That's why I refuse to give up the multitudes of VHS tapes that we've acquired over the years and honestly when you can get .25 VHS tapes pretty much brand new from a thrift store or garage sale, your want to keep a VCR around definitely increases. The biggest problem is trying to FIND a VCR in today's market. Everything seems to revolve around DVD's anymore and it's hard enough to find a DVD/VCR combo anymore, even. One of these days I really need to invest in another DVD recorder and try that again, but in the meantime I did manage to find my Magnavox DVD/VCR combo for 50.00 on sale and bought two of them: One for our living room and one for the bedroom. We have used our Magnavox appliances hard over the years and have yet to find ONE that has let us down. Our DVD/VCR combos are no different. The DVD player parts and the VCR parts are used pretty constantly and we've never had a problem with a VCR eating a tape or losing tracking abilities (unless it desperately needed to be cleaned mind you) and the DVD players work like clockwork with very few problems with skipping DVD's and the like. I would definitely recommend Magnavox as a brand to buy, but I'd especially recommend their DVD/VCR combo units to anyone who doesn't want to give up on VCR's just yet.

Wasilla, AK


Philips DVD Player VCR Combo

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