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Philips - DVD Player VCR Combo

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Works greaaat!


We use this VCR/DVD Combo at our church and it works great, have had it for years.  Working in the audio/visual department, it is important that we have equipment that is both reliable and lasts.  The Philips DVD/VCR Combo has fit that description.  I've used everything from video CD's, burnt DVD's, movies, and they all work great.  We have everything set up to a projector, which plays on a screen directly behind the pulpit.  The audio is hooked up to our soundboard and the sound is amazing.  When playing movies it feels like your in an actual movie theater!  At one point, we also hooked it up to our video camera and recorded each service directly to a VHS tape.  That worked great until we upgraded to a hard drive capable of digitally recording each service.  When that doesn't work, we have this system as a backup, which is much needed in ministry, you never know WHAT is going to go wrong during church service, I've seen it all!  Great product, does what it is supposed to do, is durable and lasts. 

Boston, MA


Phillips Dvd Player and VCR Combo is wonderful


We bought the Phillips Dvd/VCR Combo about two years ago and love it.  I like that it plays both DVD and VCR tapes.  I own a lot of VCR tapes and my glad we will be able to enjoy them.  This has worked really well and it was simple to hook up to the TV.  It is very easy to operate and can be done without the remote.  It is definately a desirable price point and that was very helpful.  I like the way it looks also with the silver casing, it looks a lot fancier and more expensive.  I like how easy it is to operate, even my daughter who is three can operate the machine.  She can turn in on and put the movies in all be herself.  The Phillips DVD/VCR COmbo is also not noisy when it is running and works really well.  I highly recommend the Phillips DVD/VCR Combo to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive and nice looking DVD/VCR COmbo, that works really well and last a long time.  I am very glad that we bought this machine.

Milwaukee, WI


Philips - DVD Player VCR Combo

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