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Philips 7380X

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Philips Norelco 7380XL razor


My husband started out with using regular razors but then graduates to Electric Shavers about 3years back, I think. Right now we are using the 7380 model from Norelco. Before that we were using the 7310 model. One of the problems he'd say he had with the previous one was when the battery died, you have to wait quite a while before being able to use it again. With this one, that problem hasn't arisen yet. What we usually do is use the razor and charge it when it needs to be done. If it runs out of battery, he doesn't have the time to wait and charge it and then use it after a while. Apart from that, the heads are awesome, hy husband has quite a growth of facial hair, which is rough and course. He shaves once a week and we have used the razors for about a year without any kind of replacement heads. This seems like a good investment over regular razors and lasts quite a while, if used sparingly, in our case.

Mount Prospect, IL


Philips 7380X

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