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Philips - 37 Television

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excellent product for cost and conscious customer


i got this tv after lot of considertion to other brands both well known and entry level brands like olevia and vizio. but i am really happy i did not try to go with the cheaper brands. this product gives quality as good as the costlier ones like sharp or sony. excellent product

Longmont, CO


Great quality, crystal clear picture.


Philips is definately a brand to pass on to neighbors, friends and family near and far.  Whether it be for the smallest product they make or the flat screen TV we own - the Philips brand is quality!!  We bought this flat screen TV in the Philips brand and have had nothing but success. It gives perfect crystal clear picture that makes you want to watch another movie or play another game on the TV just to see the real life picture.  The quality Philips gives is so impressive it really is hard to find words to explain just how impressive this TV is!  First of all having the option to place your Philips TV on a stand or place it on your wall is great for all.  We were able to place it on the wall with ease.  Of course it is a bit heavy and needs a few to put it up but it is so nice for the option to see this crystal picture show on your wall and not a child or head in your view when it is placed on your wall. The sound is clear and clean not fuzzy like some TV's you hear in the store displays. I give this Philips 5 stars !!

Riverton, UT


Step into a new kind of experience in TV viewing


WOW! It's all I keep telling my family and friends after just a few weeks of having owned this amazing TV set. Not only does it offer all the available bells and whistles of any comparable model of its size and price in today's market, and then some. But no other Flat Panel can give you the incredible Ambilight experience! Simply put: When the ever-changing-colored-light halo is projected in the back and onto the wall behind your TV set, you are truly getting immersed in what's going on in your TV screen. Plus, it also reduces eye strain, and it creates a sense of a larger-than-actual viewing area by engaging some of your peripheral vision. Just imagine what watching movies in a darkened room turn out to be like and we're talking about a totally new kind of home theater arena. A truly innovative feature! Phillips has done it again by creating and patenting one of the best features that any large flat TV set in the market can aspire to! WOW! 

Chicago, IL


Philips - 37 Television

5.0 3