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Philips 37 DVD Player

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This Phillips DVD Player has great features!


I LOVE this DVD player!  It upscales to 1080p, which has been really nice with our dvds.  But the thing that i really love is the usb port!  You can put anything on there!  You can put audio, pictures, or a movie... then you just plug it in and display it on the TV.  Pretty awesome, if you ask me!  Another thing that has been really nice, is the way it pauses the movie for you and then you can come right back to that spot.  Even if the DVD Player has been off for 24 hours.... you just come back and turn it on and then you are back where you were!  Very nice! So, not talking just features, it also looks very nice.  It is sleek and thin.  The buttons are small and stylish... It looks really great alongside our new big screen TV.   The only thing that would be nice, is if it had the arrows on the actual DVD player.  (im not even sure if ANY dvd players out there have this, so bare that in mind) Sometimes, the remote gets lost and it would be awesome to be able to just use the dvd player to navigate in that case.

Ogden, UT


Philips DVD Player Is Good


I have been using this DVD player (DVP5992) for the past 1 year and it has been really good so far in terms of the quality of the video. The USB supports is really good and it was the cheapest model at that time to support USB devices.

Woodbridge, NJ


Philips make great dvd players


We are thoroughly impressed with our Philips Dvd Player (model # DVP5992).  We're not tech people, so I'm rather certain this particular dvd player has many features we'll never use.  We replaced our old television set and ended up with a HDTV.  This dvd player has video upscaling to enhance the quality of our dvds.  Our dvds have never looked so good. A nifty feature that we love is that the remote control has an eject button.  I don't know if that's standard nowadays, but our last dvd player didn't have it. My only complaint would be about the remote control.  The arrow buttons located near the play / pause button are not fast forward or rewind, but actually jump forward or jump backward buttons.  The fast forward and rewind buttons are located higher up on the remote.  I can't tell you how often we want to back up a little to hear missed diaglogue and end up jumping much farther back than hoped on the dvd.  Then we spend time fast forwarding to find the correct scene. This is a great dvd unit, provided you can remember what the buttons do on the remote.

Chino Hills, CA


Philips 37 DVD Player

4.7 3