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Pet Pocket

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The Pet Pocket is Gret!


pet pocket is great. I love my dogs i have six of them and they all enjoy the pet pocket so much. i always know when they want to go someone because the run down the hall into my room and drag the pet pocket out of the closet. and when we go to the dog park i use it to store treats in there for them. they love that soo much.peaople might think it is strange at first but arent our dogs like our children? Why not take the puppy to the park or to the store with you? the pet pocket makes this soo much easier. I even took it to the bank once.. now try walking a dog into the bank im sure they would ask you to leave. but not with the pet pocket. its the key to get your dog in anywhere with you. never leave your pet at home again. No more puppy dog eyes!! The only down side to this is that in doesnt come in too many different colors or styles.. id like to match it with my outfits but hopefully they will work on this. its still a great product.

Pomona, CA


Pet Pocket

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