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My worst ISP experience


I live out in the country where convience and technology are hard to come by. I was signed up with another ISP that discontinued dial up service and recommended/forwarded me to PeoplePC. I had seen the many eye catching, cute little commercials on television for this service and thought, "Ok, I'll give it a try". That was one try I would never like to take again. True, they are reasonably priced, but there is a saying somewhere.... "you get what you pay for." So, on to the miserable aspects of it....they claim to have this "Smart dialer". *pfffft* yeah, about as smart as the dust bunnies living under my sofa. This "Smart dialer" is SUPPOSED to search your list of access numbers and connect you with the fastest, most reliable number. Ok, so why did it always dial the first number on my list? Yes, and I did quiz it and rearranged the list of numbers a few times, but each time it always dialed the very first number in that list. When using the so called smart dialer, there was always a so called browser home page that came up and it could not be closed. if you closed it, it would drop your connection. And that thing was very crash prone. Every 4 hours you would have to disconnect from the service. You could then reconnect, but just the unconvience of having to disconnect every 4 hours. And you can pretty much guarantee that you'd be downloading something when that 4 hour timer came up telling you to get offline! And don't even think of calling customer service. If you had a problem or anything, you had better hope that you are intellegent enough to figure it out alone, and with their customer service....I think the majority of the world population IS more intellegent. Avoid this ISP at all costs! They are BAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD!

Rosharon, TX


busy with life


people pc always seems to have a bad connection it always kicks me off line right in the middle of what i'm doing it's slow to connect and just runs slow in general oh to never have to use dial up the fact of the matter is the don't care enough about there customers to take the time to work out some of ther problems i just don't like the fact it kicks me off line for no reason and takes so long to connect soon so very soon i will not be a customer with them

Lynchburg, OH


They didn't care about me as a customer!


PeoplePC cost me over $150 in directory assistance charges.  Apparently when the dial-up connection didn't connect fast enough, PeoplePC automatically dialed directory assistance........$1.25 per dial.  I called their customer service department and was hung up on by the first person I talked to when I asked her directly about it.  Then, I called back and got the run-around by someone else.  Needless to say, they didn't think I was worth it financially for them.  They took no responsibility.  I canceled my service with PeoplePC. 

Wimberley, TX


I do not recommend PeoplePC


After losing my job I canceled the internet I was paying $30 for.  I decided to download PeoplePC because the price starts off at about $6.  Just about anyone can pay that! Thankfully, I have Uniblue, which detected five Trojan viruses from the PeoplePC disc.  I was shocked that they would do that.  That is very evil and dishonest.  I am very thankful for Uniblue or else my computer would probably be frozen and I wouldn't know what is going on. If you download PeoplePC on your computer continue to scan your computer for viruses everyday!  Even after I uninstalled everything, somehow it was still present.  But now I know it's gone.

Raleigh, NC


subscribe only if you can't afford another ISP


to sum it up in a word: SLOW!!! I don't know whether my computer may be part of the cause, but I have never had to wait so long when surfing the Net..it literally takes 10 minutes or more just to log on and acess my email..sometimes it's a little faster.. more often than not this ISP can't even display their own home page, which means you have to click on Internet Explorer to even be able to acess the Internet at all..  I wanted to download a free astronomy package from the Haydn Planetarium, but the estimated time it would take to do so was over a day! no lie...meaning I had to forget that idea because long before 24 hrs. would elapse, the internet connection would be severed and I would lose all the data I'd gotten so far..People PC has this annoying habit of making you reconnect every couple of hours..  by the way, this level of speed is what you get when using People PC Accelerated!!! I shudder to comtemplate how long it would take to do anything without this so-called "accelerated service" It would probably be quicker to just drop a letter into the mailbox and wait for it to arrive than to email anyone this way! only get this service if you can't afford or don't want to pay more than 10 dollars a month for Internet service..they are dialup by the way, but even though I've included every possible acess number in the state because I have unlimited long distance, it still has not improved the speed.. this proves the old adage, "you get what you pay for"

Fort Lee, NJ


Outstanding internet service at an affordable price


Being on a budget makes me have to look around a lot before spending money. I took a chance w/ People PC for internet service a little over a year ago because of a special deal on their dial-up service. There was no contract involved so I knew I could get out at any time. I never had any major problems w/ the service & whenever I've had any minor issues, someone in their customer service department was always willing to help & resolved my issue while I was on the phone. In November, I upgraded to their DSL service. Although it did require a contracted period of time, I didn't mind since I was always pleased w/ their service. The speed of connection is amazing & I'm still paying half the price of the other high speed services out there!!

Dayton, OH



1.7 6