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Paw Brothers
Paw Brothers Magic Spring Undercoat Rake

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The Best Rake I've Ever Tried


I have about 10 rakes.  Always in search of the perfect rake.  My search ended with this one. These rakes have floating spring-controlled teeth that retract and rotate, and as they yield to pet's body-contour, they make it so the rake never pulls.  Even my cat who screams when she's groomed doesn't mind being combed with this rake. The weird floating "Magic Springs" mean that you have a lot of control, and you are able to groom much more effectively with much less effort. I have the double row rake (two rows of teeth; one longer than the other).  This double row is great on heavy coated double-coated breeds, like my Great Pyrenees and my persian cats.  The only way that this rake would only be better if I could use three at a time.   Or if it combed all by itself.  Other than that, it is perfection. I love this rake and my animals love it too!

New York, NY


Paw Brothers Magic Spring Undercoat Rake

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