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Conditioner for Dry Hair
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Leave-in Conditioner

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Excellent Conditioning


My mom used to have this around when I was a kid & I would occasionally use it.  I always loved the smooth texture and the smell of the product (and of course, as a kid, I loved the fun blue color!). Even as a kid, I was impressed by just how soft it left my hair. I can't think of any other conditioner that I've ever used that has left my hair feeling quite as soft as the Paul Mitchell leave in did back then. I don't currently buy it, but that is simply because of the price....I have to make do with the cheaper brands right now. But I am still a huge fan of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products, and especially this product in particular. I even used it occasionally as a deep conditioning lotion when I had dry skin or ashy elbows. It always seemed to help quite a bit. Obviously, that's not one of the product's intended uses, but it did work for me and it never seemed to be too greasy for my skin.

Lancaster, PA


It's great for an itchy scalp


Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner not only conditions your hair but it helps with an itchy scalp. This conditioner is left on not rinsed off after use so it stays on the scalp. Some of the products recommended to me for itchy scalp were too harsch and drying which is just what my scalp did not need. The oils in this conditioner help to sooth my itchy scalp. It comes in an easy to use plastic elongated bottle with a snap open lid that keeps the water out while in the shower. Although somewhat pricey you use very little at a time. Just a small amount rubbed into your hair and scalp does the job. I have used this product for over a year now and am still on my second bottle. So a little goes a long way. If you are a person who lets your hair air dry adding this conditioner may cause your hair to take longer to dry. I knows it makes my hair take longer to dry so sometimes when I am in a hurry it is a pain. But mostly Paul Mitchell leave in condition is a very nice product.

Cabot, PA


Paul Mitchell Leave-in Conditioner

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